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Vol III   The Linux Show!!™ 2004
The GeekCast Road Show

If you have a conference or other event that you would like us to attend, we will try to fit it in our schedule. We do not charge persay to attend people events. However, you are responsible for covering ALL the costs of us being at your event. We can even >>possibly<< broadcast live from your event, again you will be responsible for the costs of getting us there as well as electrical and Internet costs.

We have done events as small as a LUG meeting and as large as a major expo. Contact us at


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You can Click on the PayPal button or you can go to our SOS Support Our Show Program page by clicking on the Bottle!
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Our VoIP system is based upon Asterisk OS Software & Digium CTIcards. Set you SIP phone to XXXX, if you do not have a SIP Phone, go get the GnoPhone Software. Or you can purchase a SIP phone through our partner resource page.
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Want to join the IRC but the PC you are on does not have an IRC client working? Click Here to launch our JAVA IRC client.
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If you are a performer or represent an artist, please contact us ASAP at Staff to be added to our play list. Poets, musicians and singers are all welcome.

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