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Linux is a computer operating system which is open source and has always been since it was conceived in 1991. Its main feature is the Linux Kernel which is now used in modified form in some of the fastest supercomputers to date. However, the system is distinctly lacking in desktop computers being used on only around 1.6% of them.

A good example where the operating system of Linux has been especially useful is in creating and maintaining jewellery websites where a high degree of processing power is needed to maintain the hundreds and potentially thousands of images on a single website. This prevents the system from crashing and has allowed the creation of tools to produce 360 degree rotating images of fine engagement rings. Linux has also been a major source of socialisation in the computing world with many people passionate about the open source code and meeting with others to share their ideas and goals. In many cities and regins Linux User Groups (LUG's) promote their own free software to use. They create meetings and have now garnered large followings in many areas of the populated parts of the world. Indeed, there are now many websites with a Linux focus like this one!

Even more recently Linux has broken into the mobile device market and Android is one of the most popular and dominant systems on smartphones and tablets which many people have in their homes all over the world. The story is a highly successful one and shows what a talented young person can do when they have the time and energy. The Linux Show itself is ancient, having started in 1996 and has been going on and off since then. We talk about all kinds of things realted to Linux - see our archives for old webcasts, that should give you a more interesting history of us than anything that could be put down here.

Linux(r) is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.
The Linux(r) Show!!(tm) o?=1997, o?=1998, o?=1999, o?=2000, o?=2001, o?=2002, o?=2003, o?=2004, o?=2005.

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