Tuesday, December 19th, 2000
Tonight LIVE on www.thelinuxshow.com

At 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, and 9pm east.... Kevin, Jeff, PJ, and Doc Searls (of the Linux Journal) have a great show lined up tonight on The Linux(r) Show!!

In Segment One- News: We will be covering the hot linux news of the week, plus interesting news in the greater technology world; including the news on the AOL Time Warner merger(time to start watching like a hawk).

In Segments Two and Three- IBM and their BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET: Joining us tonight to give us the inside track of what they are doing will be Dr. Daniel D. Frye, Director, Linux Technology Center (LTC). Daniel is IBM's "Linux Voice" - he was one of the original open source evangelists at IBM and was instrumental in convincing IBM to embrace Linux and the open source community.

Daniel has since been chosen to spearhead IBM's Linux initiative, including IBM's participation in the OSDL and the formation of IBM's Linux Technology Center which has grown to over 200 fully designated Linux engineers all under his supervision. Because of his long history with IBM, Daniel can discuss IBM's Linux position from both a technical and business vantage point and give a historical perspective on IBM's $1 billion Linux commitment.

Prior to his current responsibilities, Dr. Frye was a member of IBM's Emerging Technologies and Business Opportunities team. In this role, he was responsible for company-wide technical strategies that predicted future trends and transitions in the IT industry. It was during this time that Dr. Frye co-authored the original IBM corporate strategies for Linux and open source.

If you have questions about IBM that you would like us to ask, please join us on the IRC server during the show. irc.thelinuxshow.com #linuxshow

Remember tune in at 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am GMT.
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