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Vol III   The Linux Show!!™ 2016
Welcome to the home of The Linux Show!!. "TLS" as many of our community of listeners now call it, is the oldest, longest running and without question most listened to webcast focused on Open Technology in the known universe. We have had a long and colorful history, too long to go into here. For the history of Linux itself check out the "Our History" page on the navigation Menu. The short story is that we have now been broadcasting for nineteen years, starting our twentieth, covering the issues important to the people who make up the Linux and Open Technology movement. You never know who is going to show up on TLS as many people in the Linux and Open Source leadership know the Studio phone number and just call in. Some say that was a mistake, it absolutely makes for chaos, but very interesting chaos. Come join us and experience TLS, and when we say join, we mean join as a participant in a revoulutionary form of broadcasting, participatory broadcasting. TLS is enjoyable on the archive, but meant to be listened to live, with you participating in the IRC in real time. Join us and it will become your show too.
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Linux Today

Linux Today officially has too many microsoft editorials on their front page.



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Linux(r) is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in several countries.
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