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Tonight: On The Linux Show!!
Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
from Chicago IL
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Kevin Hill, Arne Flones, Doc Searls, Russ Pavlicek AND Jeff Gerhardt are bringing you a very informative show tonight ready to go!!!!!!

ALL News Tonight. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the week including: Linus comes clean on Linux ownership, Dumping MS-Office, MORE Linux is good business, plus a clueless pundit or two........ and way more.

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Segment Two- Advanced Unix Programming- We go HARD CORE tonight

We will be joined tonight by Marc j. Rochkind who authored the book Advanced Unix Programming, a classic by anyones measure. Marc will discuss with us tonight the value of Linux, as he's come to see it in the past decade. He will also discuss his experience in rewriting his 1985 first edition of "Advanced UNIX Programming", which just released as the Second Edition in late April.

Marc worked at Bell Laboratories in the 1970s, when UNIX was still in its infancy. It was there that Rochkind made several key contributions to UNIX, notably the Source Code Control System. He wrote the first edition of Advanced UNIX Programming in 1984. This complete revision benefits from his years of post-Bell application systems development experience.

The new edition has been meticulously crafted and tested on several unicies including; FreeBSD, Darwin, Linux (SUSE) and Solaris 8. It is also very readable. Marc's seasoning as a technologist has done nothing but improve a classic.

Segment Three- FCC In the crosshairs- A special announcement from TLS

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