Tonight Live: ON NO NOT SCO (again) >> on The Linux Show!!
Tonight Live: On The Linux Show!!
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
from Chicago IL
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At 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Arne Flones, Doc Searls, Russ Pavlicek AND Jeff Gerhardt are all back live tonight. Just when things were getting in a grove for a nice summer, SCO does it again. We have a lively show lined up for tonight on The Linux Show!

Segment One- The News. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the week. Tonight on the news: This week in the news segment we will be discussing: SCO goes after Fortune 1000 Linux Users, SCO goes after SMALL users, SCO goes after LINUS.... PLUS: Direct TV turns on Gestapo Tactics, More TCo facts on Linux, . And of course; way way more.....

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Segment Two- Embedded Linux- What is it, where is it going, and why is Microsoft saying it's too expensive?

Tonight we will have a conversation with Murry Shohat, Executive Director of Embedded Linux Consortium, and Rick Lehrbaum, co-founder of the ELC in a discussion of the past and future of Linux based embedded technologies.

The ELC is trade association dedicated to promotion, evangelization, implementation and standardization of the Linux operating system throughout embedded computing. Their web site is brought to you by proactive members and many volunteers. Funding is derived from the general membership. The ELC is a vendor-neutral non-profit organization working to increase the depth and breadth and accelerate the speed of Linux adoption in the embedded market. Developers who have made contributions to the Open Source code base may

Together with Rick Lehrbaum, Murry Shohat co-founded the ELC as a pro bono effort, instantly becoming Executive Director as a half-time job that evolved rapidly to time-and-a-half. Over the first year, Murry helped drive membership to more than 140 corporations and individuals.

A long time Silicon Valley journalist and PR practitioner, Murry's exposure to the embedded computing industry includes the launch of the VMEbus, PC/104 Plus and other notable interconnect technologies. Murry has worked with many integrated circuit companies, board developers, operating system vendors and publishers as a manager, consultant, editor and writer.

Linux entered Murry's professional life in 1997 when, as a journalist for /Integrated Systems Design/ magazine, he was dispatched to investigate rumors that EDA engineers were performing week-long chip verifications using Linux on home x86 PC's to avoid the blue screen of death at work. "The truth went so far beyond the rumors that we were able to publish back-to-back cover articles spanning more than 20,000 words," he exclaimed. Murry's objectives for the ELC in 2003 include building new equity for Linux as a world standard through the ELC platform specification effort and related API's. He is also deeply committed to building durable relationships between the developer-centric open source community and for-profit corporations in the membership. "I want to help rationalize and catalyze a productive partnership between volunteerism and capitalism."

For the near term, Murry intends to help rebuild membership. "The ELC is a mirror of the industry, so we didn't escape the downturn. Now, let's rebuild and show the globe's skeptics and FUD merchants that a vendor-independent OS competes quite effectively on a level playing field."

In 1983, Rick Lehrbaum co founded Ampro Computers, Inc., a company well known as a pioneer of "embedded PCs". From 1983 through 1999, Lehrbaum served as Ampro's VP of Engineering, interim president, and Executive VP of Strategic Development.

In 1992, Lehrbaum formed the PC/104 Consortium and then served as its chairman through January 2000. In recognition of his "evangelical" efforts that resulted in the broad adoption of PC/104 technology throughout the embedded computing market, Lehrbaum is often referred to as the "father of PC/104".

In October, 1999, Lehrbaum turned his attention to embedded software, founding his second startup: ("the Embedded Linux Portal") and later founding the nonprofit Embedded Linux Consortium. was subsequently acquired by ZDNet, and Lehrbaum served as Executive Editor for the site under its ZDNet tenure. In September 2001, was reacquired by DeviceForge LLC, a company formed by Lehrbaum at that time. In October, 2002, DeviceForge launched, a site devoted to the use of Windows technologies in embedded applications.

Lehrbaum's early professional activities included hardware design, assembly language programming, and project management at Data General Corp., Advanced Micro Devices, and Telesensory Systems Inc. Lehrbaum received his BS and MS degrees in Physics from New York University and Northeast Louisiana University, respectively.

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