Tonight Live: Big Brother and GraphOn >> we are knee deep with Geeks on The Linux Show

Tuesday, January 9th, 2001
Tonight LIVE on www.thelinuxshow.com

At 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, and 9pm east.... Kevin, Jeff, PJ, Doc Searls (of the Linux Journal), and Emmett Plant have a great show lined up tonight on The Linux(r) Show!!

In Segment One- Hot News: We will be covering the hot Linux news of the week, plus interesting news in the greater technology world. High on the agenda will be the release of 2.4

In Segments Two - GraphOn: the latest buzz We will be joined by GraphOn Executive VP Robin ford, who has appeared on The Linux show before (she comes back for even more abuse). We will discuss the new licensing agreement with Aptix Corp. The agreement will allow users of Solaris-based Virsim waveform viewer tool, which works with Aptix' UNIX-based system-on-a-chip testing software, to run critical tests of IC chip designs from anywhere in the world via the web.

In Segments Three - Big Brother: We will be joined by Robert-Andre Croteau and Sean MacGuire of BB4 Technologies to talk about the release of the new version of the Big Brother network monitoring tool. This is a very cool application, that provides tests for a multitude of TCP protocols, systems resources and network availability. The monitoring information is published on a web-based display and users can drill down to view specific information about an outage. Different types of status reports are produced as well as availability reports for SLAs. Information can also be published over any WAP device which makes it very useful for users that cover many physical sites. The following network protocol tests are included with the package: FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, SSH, DNS, NNTP, TELNET.

If you would like to join us on the show, check our our IRC Chat (irc.thelinuxshow.com #linuxshow).

Remember tune in at 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, and 9pm est.
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