April 4th, 2000
Tonight LIVE on www.thelinuxshow.com

At 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am GMT Kevin, Arne, Jeff, PJ and Doc Searls (of the Linux Journal) have a show tonight on The Linux(r) Show!!

In Segment One- News: we will OF COURSE be covering the hot news about Micorosoft (ding dong the witch is dead) and their ongoing battle with the DOJ. We will give our praises to His Honor Judge Jackson.

In Segment Two- "How to Become a Linux Billionaire" and the launch of TradeMail. We will be talking with Tom Adelstein, well known "linux Guy" and fellow broadcaster (Wallstreet Radio's "Linux League" show). But this time Tom is a guest, not the interviewer.

We will be discussing with Tom two topics for tonight:

The first being his series of very cool articles about becoming a Linux Billionaire by doing an IPO launch.

Plus we will be talking to Tom about the release of TradeMail. TradeMail has three components which include a standard client and PIM, a client for UNIX and Linux workstations which allows the desktop to peer in a Microsoft Exchange enterprise and a server which replaces Exchange.

Bottom line, TradeMail allows the Linux user to communicate with emplyees of the same company or people working in tthe same organization who are using "exchange based" services.

Remember tune in at 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am GMT.
catch the Linux show at www.thelinuxshow.com