March 21st, 2000
Tonight LIVE on

At 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am GMT Kevin, Arne, Jeff, PJ and Doc Searls (of the Linux Journal) have a news filled show tonight on The Linux(r) Show!!

In Segment One- News: we will be covering the hot news of the week including the Caldera IPO news.

In Segment Two- Quicknet Technologies: and the story behind why Quicknet has been able to do what telecommunications giants have not! We will be joined by Stacey Reineccius, President & CEO, and Craig Southeren. Quicknet is one of those VoIP companies that Jeff really loves to talk about. But Quicknet is also a Linux company. we will discuss why Quicknet Open Sourced its VoIP drivers, how they got Linus to include the Quicknet VoIP drivers into the v2.2.14 Linux Kernel, and the overall commitment that Quicknet for telephony devices under Linux. Plus we will discuss all that interoperability BS that all the big Telephony companies talk about, but do not seem to deliver.

In Segment Three- Cosource: we will be joined by Bernie Thompson, founder of Cosource and the president of Applix' Linux division, live from the family room of Doc Searls. Bernie is an old friend of TLS and we will discuss the current state of Cosource and the changes since being acquired by Applix.

Remember tune in at 6pm pst, 7pm rmt, 8pm cst, 9pm east and 1am GMT.
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